Saturday, August 27, 2011

Battlefield That Was A Bridge

In a span of lifetime we all strive to be a better person. A better son/daughter, a better sister/brother, a better friend, but she strove to be a better cheater, a better liar and a better traitor.

Armed with manipulation, she conquered the truth. She could never be the bridge where feelings could cross and be understood as they were. The sides always got the manipulated maligned version- what they wanted to hear. The bridge just stood there for years mastering this very art.

There was a side which was conventional, never wanting to change with supreme authority and then there was another full of unconditional love, wanting to live every moment to the fullest begging the other side to accept the change. But with her as the manipulative intermediate, the conventional became adamant blinded by the false authority she made them see they had and the one full of love kept feeling rejected, compromising till it became so weak that it became a beggar for love.

The rigid side had their own politics going on. They had their own ego clashes and frustrations to care about. None of the issues were taken care of, the only solution was to leave them unsolved, half-buried only to be made weapons of self-destruction in case of arguments.

The once filled with love side became so depressed that the rigid side even though there, was invisible. In search of love it would stop randomly, share a story, laugh a little, lend a hand and feel loved. Even a traveler or a gypsy would become source of love, making it believe that love will make them stay. It didn't and so their very being then became a reason of betrayal. Unable to understand the conflict and unwilling to give up, love was for it to give all that was, for others to love it back.

And she just stood there frozen, thinking she made both sides happy. To each side she said she supported them. To each side, she lied and cheated.

The bridge that she was, could have been a balance. The bridge that she was could have told the truth and ceased to exist. She could have been a reason to celebrate love but she chose to be a traitor.

For both sides had their reasons, no one wanting to compromise. For their lives were just about fighting the other side and winning till the day came when the bridge was just a place for their battles to be fought.

The person that the bridge was, had long ceased to exist!