Thursday, July 10, 2008


Once i thought to rate myself,
My looks, my personality, my beauty, my self.
Instantly came the thought of my hair,
which are long, straight with a golden flare.
Mirror said to peep into the eyes,
That appear innocent,to be precise.
There glows my skin shining white,
making me stand out in a crowd, as bright.
Thinking so, comes the wide shining smile,
Pearly whites flashing in a style.
I smile, striking a pose,
Thanking GOD, for beauty of a rose.
Suddenly a thought struck me hard,
Brought along sorrows, hurt even hard.
Teenage wont be always, there will come this oldage,
Beauty is not static, can't lock it in a cage.
Hair may turn gray, vision diminished,
lips dry up, skin wrinkled.
Left my mirror, disappointed a lot,
Sat depressed and then i thought.
It is not the looks, not the physical appearance,
Beauty is everlasting, has a big difference.
Scratching my mind I tried to find,
How can beauty, be defined?
Everything may change from my head to toe,
But my heart will never change in the flow.
Beauty is the heart, a heart of gold,
The person you are, in your world.
Alas! my heart is bad, selfish and even mad,
Does it mean I'm ugly, oh it makes me sad.
Heart said"Please, don't get depressed,
Leave the looks, let your heart get redressed.
Every girl isn't Madonna, my dear sweety,
Without the looks, you can still be a beauty.
Beauty not of face, a beauty of heart,
Be generous, a selfless sweetheart.
There will be no need to rate yourself,
The world around will express itself."


Yet again,the person who unknowingly inspired me to start writing for the first time back in school,has managed to inspire me to start blogging. That time I would have never acknowledged him for having inspired me,we were cut-throat competitors. As destiny wanted it otherwise, we have turned into great friends.
I will keep you all updated about my past & my present.Hope to keep in touch for long time to come..