Saturday, September 20, 2008


I need a small corner,belonging to me,
where I'll live my life,no fear 'll reach me.
I don't need a luxurious life,with all my name and fame,
residing quietly in that corner,playing life-game.
I need help in the days of pain,but a single hand will do,
not many but my own folks,to share a joy or two.
The world today,as I know, is full of duplicity,
in my corner,what I'll seek is simplicity.
Ups & downs are a part of life, why make hue and cry,
if not much,to search a solution,at least we should try.
In my corner,let me live a pure life,let me not pretend,
let my life be short but beautiful,let it not extend.
Indeed the deeds count over the days,if ego kept at bay,
I don't need appreciation a lot,forever it can't stay.
The world today is polluted enough,everything impure,
in such environment,how can one live feeling safe and secure?
Chauvinism is the fashion today,all following the trend,
in this mad race,their crooked ways,no one going to mend.
Selfishness is the religion today,one's integral part,
green paper is what weighs,over the golden heart.
Everyone today is confused,everyone perplexed,
nobody knowing, why the world is vexed.
I am depressed,I am disgusted,
not only me,everyone is frustrated.
I need to cry, I need to scream,
why peaceful life is becoming a dream?
I can't bear this pain, I need to run away,
not expecting from this world, let me first mend my way.
Leave me in seclusion please, let me be in solitude,
to reinvent my true self, shedding this artificial attitude.

[written in august 2003]